Babaji Cave

Mahavatar Babaji cave is the Most Spiritual Caves in Himalayan Region, which is the origin of Kriya yoga and Where Yoga Guru Lahiri Mahasaya got Kriya Yoga teachings directly from Mahaavatar Baba Ji. Every day many pilgrims and Kriya Yogis that follow different gurus visit the cave.
To understand the historical Significance of the cave, it is suggested that devotees read Chapter 34 "Materialising a Palace in the Himalayas" from the Autobiography of a Yogi, and "A Blessing from Mahavatar Babaji" from Only Love by Sri Sri Daya Mata.


Dunagiri temple is located 14 kms far from Dwarahat. The temple is dedicated to goddess Durga.As per the legend, Pandavas took shelter in Dunagiri during their exile. The temple is popularly known as Mangalikhan among locals. The interior of the temple is very old. The temple attracts a large number of pilgrims during Chaitra and Ashwin months of Navratras.There is no idol in the Dunagiri temple. Naturally produced Siddha pinds are worshiped in the form of Mata Bhagwati. Akhand Jyoti in the Dunagiri Temple is a special feature of the temple.
Dunagiri Temple is situated on the top of the mountain. This temple is situated at an altitude of 8,000 feet above sea level.



Pandukholi (Pandav Kholi) is named after the Pandava brothers of Mahabharata. The caves of Pandukholi are situated at a distance of 27 km from Dwarahat. Padukholi is a scenic place located in the lofty hills of Doonagiri in Almora District.
The name Pandukholi literally suggests 'Pandu' that is Pandav and 'Kholi' meaning shelter. It is said that Pandavas resided in this place during the first year of Agyatvas on completing their 14 years of exile.


Yogoda Satsanga Sakha Ashram at Dwarahat was inaugurated in 1983. Dwarahat is a small town near Ranikhet in the Himalayan region of North India. It has an average altitude of 1,500 m (5,000 ft.). The YSS Ashram is located about 1.5 km from Dwarahat town and is surrounded by pine forest on all sides. On the way from town to the Ashram, to the right is the Government Rest House where Sri Daya Mata (third President and Spiritual Head of YSS/SRF from 1955 until her passing in Mahavatar Babaji's Cave2010) had stayed during her visit to the cave in 1963-64 and had a divine vision of Mahavatar Babaji.



The beauty of Kausani has also bewitched some of the eminent personalities of India including Mahatma Gandhi the 'Father of the Nation'. It is said that when Mahatma Gandhi visited this place, he was so much allured by its aesthetic beauty that he called Kausani the ‘Switzerland of India’ as it has a strikingly similar landscape to that of Switzerland.
The glory of the snow-crowned Himalayan range reaches its pinnacle when the sun rays turn them into gold in morning and red-orange sky at the sunset.

Rudradhari Falls

Location sink in greenery and surrounded by ancient caves .Rudradhari falls is located 45 km from dwarahat A great place to relax and have a good time with friends and family.